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Wow.. I just realised something weird. I’m Libra so my element is Air. But I’ve always felt more attune with water.. I love the water, its my favourite element. I tried lying to myself and saying it was Air but its hard to do that when my body likes rejecting that particular part of nature (damn you, asthma).. 

But I just remembered that I was born early. I was meant to be a scorpio. My element should have been water.

I feel kind of torn between the two now :( 

I mean there are other aspects of scorpios that I feel are very true for me.

Argh, what do I do? I’m ALWAYS caught between two things no matter what (fashion, music, books, movies, attraction)…

I kinda feel like I should start saying I’m Libra/Scorpio. Is it possible to be a mix between two star signs?

Evidence of Reincarnation

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*people call asking to hang out*
*Listening to a witchy playlist and reading up on witchcraft*
It's not a good time...
Witch Riding On Broom